La Dolce Vita Italian Kitchen

The best of Italy on Waiheke

Come down to Ostend to see fresh pasta being made daily and savour the smell of sauces on the boil. Eat your lunch at one of the cosy tables or take it home to enjoy with a glass of wine. Pizza is made from 3pm till late and at lunchtime too at the weekend. You can order ahead and pick up a family dinner on the way home .

Open till 8pm every day and 9pm on Friday and Saturday. Closed Wednesday

La Dolce Vita…the good life

From Italy with love. Doing what we do best – serving wonderful food with passion and flair. Food can say so many things: connection, culture, memories, love, satisfaction…

In our Italian Kitchen we make food that makes itself heard. Traditional yet innovative it will entrance and delight your tastebuds. From fresh hand-rolled tagliatelle to brittle almond biscotti and bright green basil pesto, everything we do speaks eloquently of its origins and the care we lavish on each individual ingredient. The secret of really good Italian cooking is simplicity. The character and quality of each ingredient should stand out from the crowd.

Life is a great balancing act

In the kitchen no less. It takes attention to detail, care and passion to create the best dishes. The secret of Italian cooking lies in the quality of the ingredients and the amount of smiles in the preparation.

Gelato is alchemy – balancing the sugars, the cream, the fruit and just the right amount of air bubbles to get the perfect creamy result.

The result of balance is happiness.