Making gelato is both a science and an art. I had to go back to my studies in food chemistry to achieve the perfect result – creamy, not too sweet and an aftertaste in which lingers in the mouth like a glass of good wine.

Gianni – Head chef and gelataio

Why can’t I see the gelato on display?

Well, it’s hidden in deep pots called ‘carapine’ where the gelato is kept at a constant temperature so it keeps its perfect consistency and flavour.. This is what you will see in Italy when you go to a serious gelateria

We make our gelato every day, even in winter. If you’re lucky you can taste the gelato as it comes out of our original Carpigiani ice-cream machine from Italy. Gelato is lower in fat than ice cream and we use no artificial ingredients or pre-prepared mixes. It’s all made from scratch with real ingredients. So you can indulge with a clear conscience!

There are always ten flavours to choose from. Here are some you might find. (All the fruit ones are vegan)

$7.50 single $9.50 double
Madagascar vanilla